Uspa Immersion

Uspa Immersion      

day spa

The dayspa design reflects Uspa’s philosophy to create a sensory and physiological experience that brings about a positive change.

A gentle curve to the timber staircase and twisted plaster ceilings provide a link between retail space and day-spa. A hand-forged balustrade shaped as a tree, branches upwards leading the visitor on a sensory journey. Natural un-dyed alpaca carpet gives a soft entry to the treatment rooms, where a nurturing environment prevails.

Defying the usual expectations of timber, ironbark boards in the relaxation area flow from wall to floor, forming a unique curve that cocoons the entire space, together with soft furnishings, a calming ambience is created. Open fire places, spa bath, a custom designed steam room, limestone and restored timbers combine earth elements to form a tranquil setting that complete the ultimate immersion.

Uspa Immersion

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