stainless light shift

An interesting thing happens to stainless steel sheeting when you lay it up with different grain direction, the linished surface reflects light at different angles. Random quadrilateral shapes assist in creating a 3D appearance to a once boring office partition. Designed for a graphic design studio in Melbourne, the feature entrance wall engages and encourages interaction with the visitor.

wonka vision

wonka-vision, Hahndorf's Chocolates purple ripple My inspire blog page will hopefully do just that, be interesting, maybe a little different and not too polished. You will find original ideas and images, the occasional sketch, and if I could send it to you ‘wonka vision’.

My thoughts and reflections will be genuine and mostly I’ll be discussing current projects and the detail of the creation, the story behind the scenes, the vision and theme for the project and the connection it makes to the visitor.  Extracting the design idea from the source of inspiration and implementing it to make something great.

purple ripple

The quality of Hahndorf’s handmade fine chocolates and truffles is deserving of a finely crafted interior that evokes a sensory connection to chocolate.

I’ve continued with the clients colour of association to chocolate being purple and was inspired by the ripple moulded patterns and silky rich surface of chocolate to design a detail facade panel.  As a backdrop to gold signage, this re-interpretation is similar to an architectural detail found on facades of deco period buildings that project a rich ambience of grandeur.

The ripple detail was initially mocked up with cardboard followed by a plaster mould for casting and finally installed and painted in gloss milk chocolate and purple colours.  For the kiosk, the detail is used as a pelmet to specifically shade the chocolates from an overhead skylight while enabling concealed LED lighting.